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Nicstar has a reputation as being a leading, innovative and culturally rich place to work, as such we have access to a variety of experienced resources under various arrangements. We have great relationships with a large number of resources, and have always been able to provide a scalable workforce for all projects, on long and short term arrangements, and at all levels of project delivery.

We can provide resources from Programme and Project Management, Business Analysts, Subject Matter Experts, Scheduling and Project Support Teams to infrastructure deployment, such as deploying telephone handsets, Desktop devices, switches and servers, labelling, racking and stacking or asset management.

Over the past 17 years, Nicstar has excelled in delivering, high risk, time constrained, geographically diverse projects for multiple clients. Our ability to scale quickly with quality resources has been the key to our success, along with our internal governance and leadership programmes.

Projects are not all about governance, schedules and process. Nicstar brings to the table personnel with real world experience, proven track records in delivering projects and staff with unparalleled individual capability into a single team. Nicstar’s business growth and success has been and is based upon this approach and a model where it’s good delivery “teams” that consistently deliver successful projects.


Holding ourselves and each other accountable for our roles and the commitments we have made. Taking responsibility in our roles allows for robust project delivery.


With effective collaboration a part of the philosophy we always look for more efficient ways to deliver positive results for our customers and our business. We will continually learn and share knowledge and ideas.


Creative and successful things are more likely to happen with the right company culture.  We put great stock in our team - energetic, passionate people from diverse backgrounds with creative approaches to work and play.